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Cushions Selection & How to Measure



• ACRYLIC is the premier outdoor fabric, suitable for all applications. If you want quality and don’t mind paying that little extra, it is the perfect solution.

• OLEFIN is our most popular fabric, versatile, water resistant, and a choice of colours. Used mainly for cushions protected from the weather, it provides comfort at an affordable price.

• TEXTILENE can be used everywhere, especially around the pool. Team it with a dacron filling and you have a cushion to last for years!


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• BINDING tape is available in a variety of colours to suit your welded / binding style cushion.

• PIPING provides that ‘formal’ look to cushions. Choose from either the same fabric as the cushion or use a contrasting colour for something different.



• DACRON is our preferred filling for cushions outside or near the pool. Water simply flows straight through it!

• FOAM is only suited for indoor cushions.

• SANDWICH is foam sandwiched between dacron. Maximum comfort and suited for ‘undercover’ patios.



Secure your cushions with either string, velcro or binding (welded/binding cushions only) ties. Simply tells us the type and length of tie, how many and location.



If you like washing your covers, add a zip for easy removal of the filling.

Cushions thicker than 65mm require a zipper, so we can get the filling in!